Engaged Seniors of Ottawa
Involvement, Exploration, Wisdom, Sharing, Enrichment


Exploring and discussing the growing role of Seniors in modern society.

As we progress through life, our role and purpose evolve.


having one's attention or mind or energy engaged, greatly interested, involved in activity, committed, as to a cause.


a person with higher standing or rank, older, longer in length of tenure or service, more advanced in dignity, rank, or office, having precedence in making certain decisions



We look upon Engaged Seniors as a valuable asset to the community, not simply people looking for services to be provided to them.

The Engaged Seniors of Ottawa group is composed of dedicated individuals, of various ages, young and older, with a wide range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, who are working to bring a better sense of purpose to those who are in their senior years. (Please do not contact us to sell us your services or products.)


The Storytelling Project

We are coordinating a project to put younger generations in contact with seniors to capture their stories. Click here for more information on this project.



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